Partnership, cooperation, coordination

Delivery is built on existing structures and varies across Member States. Many countries already offer elements of Upskilling pathways and will build on this as they implement this initiative in cooperation with social partners, education and training providers, and local and regional authorities etc.

The Recommendation calls for effective coordination of implementation measures, with the engagement of relevant public and private actors in education and training, employment, social, cultural and other relevant policy areas.

Since the Recommendation seeks to develop a coherent strategic approach to giving adults access to upskilling opportunities, coordination of the many routes and opportunities that exist and their multiple providers is crucial. A small number of Member States refer to groups being established for this purpose, while some others add the task to the coordination work being done by national coordinators for adult learning or wider existing structures.

Dedicated governance is being set up in some countries in the form of steering or working groups led either by the education or employment ministry and including main stakeholders or wider coordination structures. National coordinators for adult learning in some countries, including Slovenia, are prioritising Upskilling Pathways in their work plans for 2018-19.

In addition to the coordination bodies, that in most of the cases are steered by the Ministry of labour or the Ministry of Education, a multitude of actors are involved in the delivery of the three steps or the accompanying guidance and outreach measures.

Adult education centres, schools, community centres, VET providers, both public and private, public employment services, municipal authorities all play an important role in the delivery of the skills assessment, learning opportunities or guidance services that are part of the Upskilling Pathways.

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