Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning (EAAL) in Slovenia


The project National Coordinators for the Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning (the EAAL project) in Slovenia is intended for the popularisation of the EAAL’s key messages and educational policy measures at EU and national level. Above all, it is intended for awareness raising on the importance and omnipresence of adult education and lifelong learning as well as on opportunities available for the adult population.

The project addresses all target groups, e.g. representatives of policy, practice and profession, learners, media representatives and the widest public. Special attention is being paid to the low skilled and educationally deprived ones. Project activities are related to existing national endeavours in the field of awareness raising on the importance of adult learning (i.e. the Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) and the promotional campaign Role Models Attract), and of non-formal educational provision for basic skills and other key competences, support mechanisms and other approaches tailored to the needs of (non-)learners. The national policy strategy in Slovenia is embodied in the Adult Education Master Plan 2013–2020 and in respective Annual Adult Education Plans. For this purpose, EAAL activities have been planned and implemented at all levels – policy, profession and practice – with special focus on low-skilled adults and other educationally disadvantaged target groups.

Expected project outcomes (2017–2019):


Closing EAAL 2019 conference (in cooperation with Regional EPALE 2019 conference)
Laško, 24 and 25 September 2019

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The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE), as National Coordinator of the EAAL project, and CMEPIUS in the role of National Support Service of EPALE Slovenia, joined forces for the organisation of the closing EAAL and regional EPALE conference in Slovenia. This is a manifestation of the synergy of both processes in the field of adult education triggered by the European Commission and being implemented in the region. Regional EPALE conferences are opportunities for EPALE National Support Services (NPSs) in South-Eastern Europe to exchange their experiences and ideas. The red thread of this year’s conference was the implementation of the Council Recommendation Upskilling Pathways – new opportunities for adults in partner countries.

Materials related to the conference are published here. More on the conference is posted in the form of EPALE blogs (for now in Slovenian language): the first one dedicated mostly to the EAAL project and the second more to EPALE aspects.

First EAAL 2019 consultation meeting – 23rd Adult Education Colloquium
»Signpost to the new Adult Education Master Plan 2021–2030. Its position and range«.
Ljubljana, 31 May 2019

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The traditional annual professional gathering within the Lifelong Learning Week 2019, i.e. the Adult Education Colloquium, was dedicated to rethinking the position and range of the new Adult Education Master Plan with regard to other, umbrella strategies – also those on the European level. Therefore this event served also as the first EAAL consultation event in 2019, bringing together around 80 participants, policy-makers, adult education experts and practitioners as well as other stakeholders.


Third EAAL 2018 consultation meeting and breakfast with firms organized by SIAE, the Association of Adult Education Centres of Slovenia (ZLUS) and the e-portal
»Does assessing skills and developing competences lead to greater satisfaction of employees and employers?«.
Ljubljana, 11 September 2018

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The consultation was meant for directors, managers and HR specialists, adult education providers and experts, policy makers at national and local level, and other stakeholders on both levels. Via two plenary lectures and presentations of excellent examples, two steps of the Upskilling Pathways: new opportunities for adults Recommendation were highlighted, i.e. identification of existing skills and upskilling needs as well as the provision of tailored and flexible education and training. Special emphasis was paid to the cooperation between education providers and enterprises – from the determination of educational needs up to the ultimate goal, i.e. skilled and committed employees as well as empowered employers.


Second EAAL 2018 consultation meeting and annual meeting of the Association of Organisations for Adult Education in Secondary Schools (DOIO)
»Adult education in secondary schools – for knowledge tailored to the needs of the labour market«
Ljubljana, 11 June 2018

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It seems that nowadays, secondary schools in the field of adult education are in a disadvantaged position.  A few years ago, due to similar circumstances, the Association of Organisations for Adult Education in Secondary Schools (DOIO) was established in order to jointly call attention to problems and challenges as well as directly influence solutions.  What is the way forward regarding AE in secondary schools and how to manage it? These questions with regard to actual needs of the labour market will be addressed at the second EAAL consultation meeting and annual meeting of the DOIO.

First EAAL 2018 consultation meeting and annual conference of the Association of Educational and Guidance Centres of Slovenia (ZiSSS)
»Challenges and opportunities of education for longer labour activity«.
Rimske Toplice, 10 and 11 April 2018

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The changing demographic picture and the resulting shrinking of the working population could eventually reduce the potential for economic growth. Therefore, adaptations in the labour market and in the field of education are called for. They should smooth the way to longer activity in the labour market and foster efficient use of all generations’ potentials. These challenges have been addressed by the first EAAL consultation meeting that was organized jointly by SIAE and the Association of Educational and Guidance Centres of Slovenia (ZiSSS). The event was intended for adult educators who develop and execute various forms of education and training as well as support activities (guidance, promotion, etc.).

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