2022–2023 EAAL Forums on Skills for Life

With EAAL forums organized in the project period 2022-2023, we are addressing the topic of conrete skills for life and attempting to capture the forward-looking practice and requirements in eight fields: green (environmental / sustainability), health and dietary, digital, cultural awareness and expression, personal (emotional) and interpersonal, civic, media literacy, financial and consumer skills for life.

In 2023:

In 2022:

Since all 2022-2023 forums have taken place online, videorecordings of the whole event as well as separate videopresentations are available via respective websites. All websites, except for the one on green skills  which has English subtitles, are in Slovenian language.

In 2021:

In the previous project phase, the six 2021 EAAL forums on the future of adult education were organized with the aim to discuss at national level the main socio-economic trends and challenges, i.e. digitalization of society, demographic challenges (ageing populations and migration), inclusion and citizenship, environmental challenges, and technological change and the future of work. Representatives from adult education and other sectors’ policy, profession and practice were invited to provide their points of view and experiences. For each topic/forum, a manifesto with key findings and recommendations was formed. Videorecordings of all contributions and the manifesto of each forum are available via respective websites in Slovenian as well as with English subtitles and online interpretation.

Green skills for life and learning communities
 Digital skills for life
Skills for healthy life
Skills for cultural awareness and expression




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