Third 2019 EAAL consultation meeting regarding the further development of the Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week

The Upskilling Pathways Recommendation emphasises also the meaning of support mechanisms. Among them, awareness-raising and promotion of adult as well as lifelong learning plays a crucial role. Throughout the implementation of the EAAL, this field of work has importantly contributed to as well as benefitted from this process. In 2019, two developmental meetings with awareness-raising stakeholders have been carried out. The December gathering was linked to the third EAAL consultation meeting. Here, the debate on the 25th anniversary and the development of awareness-raising, outreach and cooperation with learners is described briefly. More is available in the  report (pdf, 12 pages, 1,9 MB, in slovenian).


Last year, we allowed ourselves to dream

In mid-September, the SIAE work group for LLW met with the representatives of the LLW (regional and thematic) coordinators who agreed to participate in a special work group responsible for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of LLW, and its further development. The first step was to gather ideas based on the following concepts:

  • visual campaign to promote LLW,
  • media campaign,
  • IT system including the LLW website,
  • amplifying the voice of learners – examples of good practice,
  • key LLW events,
  • celebration of the 25th LLW anniversary,
  • collaboration with the LLW network,
  • LLW content and their implementation.

More people, more impact, more visibility

On 10 December, around 50 of us gathered in Brdo pri Lukovici to build upon the ideas proposed in September, and prepare concrete solutions. The workshop, led by the experienced Natalija Vrhunc, was divided into two parts. In the first part, the participants formed eight groups to discuss the themes proposed in the previous meeting. Each group then presented their conclusions to all participants, and after a break, we continued working in groups. In this part, the participants moved between groups and contributed to the topics they found the most relevant. This was followed by a plenary overview of all topics. Each thematic group had a specific focus, which was to approach from two perspectives:

  • from the perspective of celebrating 25 years of LLW, and
  • from the perspective of LLW improvement in the next 5 years.

In this phase, we did not concern ourselves with any limitations, especially monetary, although we were aware that we will have to face them sooner or later.

Our joint conclusions

are to celebrate 25 years of LLW with as wide a public as possible, and include all target groups, for high impact and visibility. We want to highlight the importance of learning for the improvement of life quality during all stages of life, and in all areas, using examples of good practices, and stories of successful learners and celebrities. We plan to operate on several levels, with conviction and a clear goal in mind, both in terms of images and content. One key goal is to create a stronger synergy of national and regional/thematic coordinators, and to use the power of this synergy to mobilise all providers of LLW events. We believe our role is to inform the public on how learning can help face some important socio-economic trends, which is why we want the LLW to encourage positive changes, and pave the way towards better future.

However, to achieve all this, we will need strong support: effective promotional materials, a systematic media campaign, a multi-purpose high-quality IT system, and more. We have all agreed that we will need to hire a professional agency to achieve a comprehensive corporate image, and manage public relations. We also recognised that this is an opportunity to find additional sources of financing (sponsors), and secure media support. To sum up, we came up with several small and large changes, which are waiting to be implemented in the short or long term.




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