Have you used the opportunity to empower yourself, connect, dance, laugh, cry… with us?

Our Slovenian subscribers, participants of the event, surely smiled and nodded at the above question. In that case, they recalled with great satisfaction our traditional professional gathering, this time held on 17 and 18 October in the autumn-coloured city of Portorož. The two-day event (website in Slovenian) confirmed the initial prediction that it would be remembered for its even greater focus on the importance of ALE and LLL in strengthening the individual and society, mutual interconnectedness and solidarity – two of the four pillars of learning, according to J. Delors et al.

Learning to be, to live together, and to gain knowledge and skills for work.

Jacques Delors et al.

Learning: the treasure within (1996)

Around 200 participants in the auditorium and more than 100 online received an encouraging and positive message from all three highest representatives – the Minister of Education, the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Director of the SIAE.

I feel that we must be like children – always curious, inquisitive, constantly learning.


Dr Darjo Felda

It is impossible to plan for all the changes, but we can raise awareness of the need for continuous learning during this time.

Luka Mesec

Our field of adult learning is vast and broad.



Dr Nataša Potočnik

Providing opportunities to acquire skills for life and work

The EYS, running from 9 May this year until 8 May 2024, was celebrated with a wide range of activities at the nference. Already at its opening event, the Adult Education Colloquium, and on the EYS website, we emphasised that in Slovenia, we represent a holistic view of skills. The latter should not only concern employability but are intended for a more prosperous life in general.

In this spirit, four publicly recognised programmes were presented and discussed in working groups, namely to achieve higher literacy in reading, finance, climate and health. The presentation of the regional EPALE media literacy framework, with a focus on the module on manipulation, disinformation and stereotypes adopted by Slovenia, also contributed to the aspect of skills for life.

In parallel, the much anticipated Key Competencies 2023–2029 call was launched by the Ministry of Education to support the acquisition and enhancement of key competencies and general education of adults. Thus, the four above mentioned literacy fields were precisely what the applicants had been looking for.

 In the working groups, we familiarised ourselves with innovations and engaged in lively discussions.

The morning session of group work provided for an engaging, lively interaction. Participants in the first two groups further explored and commented on efforts to achieve literacy, financial, climate and health skills. The third group addressed guidance in adult education. They produced recommendations for its broader development, which will be based on a commitment to intensify the collaboration among three networks: adult education centres, secondary schools, and short-cycle higher vocational education institutions. The moderators presented the detailed developments in the working groups in a joint contribution (in Slovenian).

Delovne skupine

The plenary contributions addressed a variety of current issues.

Predsednik DS Marko Lotrič

A company’s greatest asset is its employees, and the greatest asset of individuals is their knowledge.

Marko Lotrič

The speech by the President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia was well received. Of course, he spoke about the needs of the economy, but he also based their fulfilment on cooperation, knowledge and mutual trust.

Delovne skupine

History teaches us how humans have either relied on change or feared it. However, none of their predictions necessarily come to pass.

Anthony Camilleri

Knowledge Innovation Centre

Euroskills competitions help raise awareness of the attractiveness of professions

Sara Gošnak

Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training

An expert on AI and its role in ALE has taken away some of our fears and perhaps raised others?! His contribution was futuristic at first sight, but it also confirmed the hunch that AI is something that has been around for a long time and is moving forward at an uncanny speed. ‘Will we catch this train, or will it leave us behind?’ many people must have wondered.

The presentation of Euroskills impressed us with the commitment of the young competitors and the diversity of their vocational education and training. Perhaps there might even be a representative from adult participants in the next Slovenian Euroskills team?

Dr. Tanja Možina in dr. Tanja Rupnik Vec

On our journey, mentors play a crucial role, as they recognise the potential in us that we might not be aware of.

Dr Tanja Možina

Trust is an important process that arises through the exchange of fair, positive experiences.

Dr Tanja Rupnik Vec

The contribution from CMEPIUS, the E+ National Agency, is now a permanent feature of our gathering. This time, it was dedicated to presenting research on the impact of participation in E+ projects. We all agree that this kind of international cooperation enables development, strengthens us and often brings recognition in foreign professional environments – sometimes sooner than in our home countries.

Ana Stanovnik Perčič

Dr Alenka Rebula Tuta reached many of our hidden corners that are not usually touched at professional meetings. As individuals and as a community, we were moved, challenged, and, in a way, caressed.

Dr. Alenka Rebula Tuta

Once we have discovered our uniqueness, we must find a way to fulfil it.

Dr Alenka Rebula Tuta

Once again, we have loosened up the programme and infused it with plenty of culture.

Alongside valuable professional content, there was plenty of time for informal exchanges and socialising. We took two breaks on the first day to get some exercise, as Jasna Vuković, MSc, reminded us again this year how much we love to dance. Why not do it every day?

Ples z mag. Jasno Vukovič

We got to know The Whisper of a Butterfly, a highly successful film, from behind the scenes. Director Alen Pavšar and the author of the book with the same name, Mateja Zorko Pavšar, shared their experiences and feelings during the making of the film and gave us a glimpse into their life stories which are strongly related to ALE.

Šepet metulja

The project was created in support of a student with autism spectrum disorder as well as each other.

Alen Pavšar and Mateja Zorko Pavšar

The consultation was closed with a musical performance by the renowned Slovenian singer Tinkara Kovač and guitarist Danijel Matičič. Tinkara’s melodious voice, exceptional energy and just the right amount of humourous interaction with her accompanist delighted us and provided us with good spirits. It sealed the whole two-day experience and accompanied us on our way home.

Tinkara Kovač in Danijel Matičič

If, unfortunately, you were not with us…

We have posted the recordings of both days and the PowerPoint presentations (in Slovenian) on the website. All the contributions (except for the lecture by Dr Alenka Rebula Tuta) and everything that took place between them are worth your attention, as they convey compelling messages. And the photos speak for themselves.

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (zvonka.pangerc@acs.si), edited by Ana Peklenik (ana.peklenik@acs.si), both from the SIAE