A turning point for Lifelong Learning Week

Janja Bartelj, MOCIS

»To raise awareness about lifelong learning, we can connect through online social networks. We can arrange for one learning activity, promote it and publish photos by all coordinators. On the same day, for example, we all learn to stand on our heads and record and share.«

Searching for meeting points

Prof Dr Ana Kranjc

»In skills and competences, we should devote attention to emotions. Who devotes attention to emotions? Who regulates relationships? Extensive knowledge, the fact that one is sensitive to another person: goals, business, municipality, environment, neighbourhood, etc.«

Regional EPALE and EAAL Conference—the Crossroads of Content and Tools

Martina Ní Cheallaigh, European Commission, Directorate for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Vocational Training, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning Unit

»Adult Education is connected to other areas. That is the key – not only that is fragmented it’s got its fingers in a lot of different pies.«

Are We Truly Making Full Use of the Opportunities Offered by EPALE?

Lene Rachel Andersen, Danish author and philosopher

»The Nordic tradition of adult education and the vision of the future show the need and urgency of looking to the past to understand what education needs to do today and in the future.«

Adult Education Colloquium and EAAL consultation event – right direction signpost

Peter Beltram, MSc, SIAE

»Adult education has long been a ‘top topic’ of social development, so education, training and learning are the focus of thinking and planning in all areas and levels.«

LLW 2019 – Study Visit from Belgium

Pascal Rebold, guest from Belgium on a Study Visit

»We return home full of impressions, good ideas and more questions. What could be transferred from Slovenian practice to our environment? Would such an idea ever fall on fertile ground? There are many dilemmas indeed, and at the same time we are grateful for the inspiring gatherings in Slovenia.«

The Third Opportunity For Mutual Learning Within the Scope of the EAAL Project – This Time in Luxemburg

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, ACS

»In Luxembourg, the concept of t. i. consulting house, which is to some extent similar to our ‘Kam po znanje’ Portal, except that we provide information free of charge.«

When you get off a tram and find yourself among books…

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc, SIAE

»A common mission, clear vision, concrete goals, optimal distribution of roles and responsibilities, defined financing, mutual benefits and broader effects – all are crucial in establishing the network, as well as later in the process.«

On social trends and learning in the coming decade

Future Learning Forum, January 2019

»Implementation of a ‘top-down’ policy should be met halfway with innovative initiatives that are already operating ‘bottom-up’ in some places.«




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