We put existing national arrangements related to UP in Slovenia on the map. On the one hand, analytical work, i.e. mapping of existing national arrangements (political measures and existing projects) in the field of adult education, was carried out by the core project team in consultation with SIAE researchers and in cooperation with the MESS. On the other hand, the events served for the identification of examples of good practice related to these measures, mainly ESF-funded projects. Links between these measures and examples, and the UP Recommendation were defined. The structure of identity cards of measures as well as of examples has been defined as to serve for presentation in the UP e-portal. Key measures and a limited number of examples have been described according to these structures allowing for further inputs in the new EAAL project phase. Many additional information have been published in the UP e-portal thereby making it a comprehensive source of information for the widest and professional public regarding the UP Recommendation, adult education and its priorities in Slovenia, target groups, the UP process and its support mechanisms, partnerships and evaluation. The UP e-portal will be complemented in the next EAAL period, especially due to the fact, that most ESF projects will bear results in 2020 or later.