Within the scope of the Slovenian EAAL implementation process.the Upskilling Pathways e-portal has been created.

The mentioned e-portal is an online tool that provides the following:

  • current information about the AE policy at the European and national levels which are especially interesting in a time when the policy for the new decade is still being developed;
  • presentations of European and national data that reflect individual components of the Upskilling Pathways process (see the side menu options on the UP website);
  • overview of existing Slovenian measures (ESF projects) collected in a single place;
  • dissemination of good practice examples resulting from the aforementioned measures in order to create a database of qualitative and quantitative results and effects for awareness-raising purposes at home and abroad;
  • information on what is available to this target group of adults (guidance, suitable study offer and other support activities);
  • basic information and examples for Slovenia’s reporting on the realisation of the Upskilling Pathways Recommendation in 2021 (both – introduced measures that were the subject of the 2018 report, and the effects on individual stakeholders).

We presented a new tool al the EAAL closing cinference in Laško on 25 September.

The red thread of this year’s conference was the implementation of the Council Recommendation Upskilling Pathways – new opportunities for adults in partner countries.

At the conference, more than 80 participants took part, 14 of them from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8 from Croatia and Montenegro each, 2 from Serbia, a representative of the European Commission, and around 50 representatives of Slovenian adult education stakeholders (policy-makers, experts, practitioners etc.).

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