In 2019, SIAE was the organizer of the next three consultation meetings and linked them with other major events: the first two with the aim to join and support the review of the Adult Education Master Plan, and the last one to support the development of awareness-raising and outreach activities in Slovenia.

In addition, the 2019 EAAL Annual Conference linked with the EPALE Regional Conference was an opportunity for exchange of challenges regarding the implementation of the UP Recommendation in five countries of South-Eastern Europe.

The UP theme was linked with the ongoing high-priority process of reviewing the Slovenian AEMP. Consultation events were organized by our institute (the SIAE), and the UP topics as well as the EAAL project were highlighted. The last consultation event focused on the topic of outreach and awareness-raising which coincided with discussions on the further development of the Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week and other awareness-raising campaigns.