Overall objective vas to raise the profile of the Council Recommendation on Upskilling Pathways: New Opportunities for Adults (UP Recommendation) as well as pave the way for its systematic implementation in the future. This way the issue of low participation rates of low-qualified adults, and furthermore, their low levels of skills as indicated by PIAAC results for Slovenia (2016) were further addressed.
Activities were built upon achievements of the previous phases on the one hand, and related to the most topical policy and professional processes in AE.

Specific objectives are among others:

  • High awareness of key stakeholders on existing national arrangements in the education and employment sector that are already in line with the UP Recommendation,
  • Professional grounds and opportunities for reflection and interaction of these stakeholders for them to be able to influence further developments and the UP implementation process,
  • Good practice and role-models highlighted and employed so as to strengthen the commitment of stakeholders and motivate end-beneficiaries/learners for participation, self-development and co-creation of a better society and economy.

As for consultation meetings, we cooperated with associations and agencies related to adult education and VET ESF-funded projects, preferably with the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenian, the Public Employment Office, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Craft.

Events for engaging relevant stakeholders in the identification of the state of affairs and the formulation of a synergetic way forward were organized in addition to awareness raising of the widest public through video and audio recordings on good practice of skills assessment, programmes for low-qualified adults to raise their basic skills and other key competences and/or bring them back to education and/or training, validation and recognition procedures, outreach and guidance as well as other promotional approaches. Activities were intertwined, they complemented and supported each other and provided opportunities for peer learning at national and international level.

The target groups to be reached, engaged and supported are manifold and include stakeholders from the field of education and training (policy makers, professionals, providers and learners) as well as from the field of employment, social affairs and other sectors. In the project, it is envisaged to involve them all, however, as regards learners, with special focus on people with low educational achievements and skills. Classical outreach activities (e.g. personal contacts, local TV and radio, etc.) as well as innovative and ICT-based ones were engaged.

The envisaged impact of the abovementioned activities and their outcomes are greater awareness of stakeholders at policy and professional level on existing and potential new arrangements supporting the implementation of the UP Recommendation.

In addition, we strived for greater awareness of the widest public, especially low-qualified adults, on opportunities enabling them to progress on their upskilling pathways and strengthen their life and work prospects.

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (zvonka.pangerc@acs.si), SIAE

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