In this project period we presented the EAAL project to foreign visitors of the SIAE and took part in international events related to EAAL.

Traditionally, some EAAL activities, mainly the consultation meetings and study visits, were closely linked to the Slovenian LLW.

The last consultation meeting in 2019 was dedicated to the celebration of the 25th LLW anniversary in the further development of the learning festival. Six colleagues from the Learning & Work Institute Wales and three from Belgium – French Community who came to a study visit on 9–11 May. The programme consisted of a seminar on 9 May with professionals and learners on outreach, guidance, awareness raising and other topics, a visit of the LLW’s national opening, and participation in the conference Old Guys Say Yes to Community. On 14–15 May, the BE national coordinator took active part in the event/press conference The Power and Joy of Learning. Together with two other participants from BE we visited the Maribor AEC and discussed work with vulnerable groups. Finally, we visited two venues of the Learning Parade 2019.

Four PLA have been designed and country groups for organizing these events were established. Slovenia took active part in the preparation of the PLA on Awareness-raising and guidance but we also contributed inputs and participated in the exchanges of examples and views in the three PLAs on Skills assessment and validation of non-formal and informal learning, Coordination and cooperation around basic skills, and Flexible learning: How to make it work?

For the production of the videos, analytical work has been carried out regarding national and European political and professional background documents. A concept and structure has been set up that covers the UP Recommendation, other European and national documents/strategies as well as statistical data with regard to issues of target groups under consideration. In addition to the context, project results and conclusions/recommendations to various stakeholders are presented by these video publications.

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