Visual and media promotion as well as promotional material has supported all activities. Where appropriate, we updated existing awareness-raising, communication and dissemination tools (such as the EAAL website), and have continued with the production of well-established items. New elements have been designed with regard to UP Recommendation topics and outcomes.

UP corporate image (variations of logo and typical pages for e-products): graphical and technical aspects have been discussed and are in the process of preparation. The contents and steps of the UP Recommendation have been used for producing a corporate image (logo and typical pages) that will be used throughout all awareness-raising and dissemination activities and will present a red thread running through related materials such as the e-bulletin, e-compendium of examples of good practice as well as the UP e-portal.

We have updated and upgrading the existing project website, introduced some rationalisations and added new elements with regard to the central project topic, i.e. the UP Recommendation, as follows:

  • The News section has been added to the title page providing information on upcoming and other relevant events. For each of the three 2018 consultation meetings, individual websites (in Slovenian) were constructed in order to assist the process of registration, display of contents (programme) and materials (outcomes) (Power Point presentations, videos used in the conference to illustrate examples of good practice, MP3 recordings, photographs etc.). See website of consultation meeting 1:, consultation meeting 2:, and consultation meeting 3: The 2018 EAAL annual conference took place under the umbrella of the Annual Adult Education Conferences which traditionally has its own website ( and for the 2018 conference Links were established from the EAAL project website to the individual events’ websites.
  • The concept of the e-portal on existing national measures is in the process of preparation; activities have been related to graphical and technical solutions, certain contents have been prepared and will be supplemented until the very end of the EAAL project in 2019.

The design based on a renewed menu structure has been elaborated and is now in the process of being set up from the technical point of view. E-compendium of examples of good practice – constant upgrading: In parallel with the above developments, the design and technical realisation of the e-compendium will enable stakeholders to make contributions in accordance with the predefined structure of presenting examples of good practice.

Blogs and other posts in EPALE: Contributions in EPALE were either directly or indirectly linked to project activities. Meetings of the EPALE Expert Group (consisting of representatives of CMEPIUS, acting as the EPALE NSS, the MESS, CPI, and a representative of AEC in Slovenia) were used to report on past and upcoming EAAL activities and define areas of cooperation. In 2019 we will jointly organize the regional EPALE/EAAL conference for South-Eastern European countries.

We inform interested public regularly on Social media: the LLW Facebook (, SIAE Facebook ( and LLW Twitter ( profiles were used in order to post contents related to the EAAL project. SIAE’s bulletin e-Novičke ( informs domestic readers once per month and foreign readers four times per year on topical events, projects and outcomes in Slovenian adult education, consequently the EAAL project was reported on regularly.

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