International cooperation and peer learning took place at NC meetings in March and September 2018. Both meetings served for exchange on the latest policy developments at EU and national level. Peer learning activities have been designed and groups for organizing these events were established. Slovenia took active part in the preparation of the PLA on awareness-raising and guidance in Bonn.

We presented the EAAL project to foreign visitors of SIAE (Lithuanians, Hungarians, and the Dutch), and took part in international events (3rd Regional EPALE Conference in March, EBSN Annual Conference in June, and the EPALE 2018 Conference in October). Two representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina EAAL NC/EPALE NSS took part in our annual EAAL conference. We have used our dissemination channels (SIAE and EAAL) to communicate our activities and outcomes to our foreign partners (via EPALE, the English version of the bulletin e-Novičke, the English part of the SIAE and EAAL website).

One of the actions recommended by OECD in the ‘Strengthening Cooperation for Adult Learning in Slovenia’ document is related to this body, saying that the Government should establish an effective, accountable, inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral body to oversee policy making in Slovenia. Ongoing cooperation with the MESS and to a certain extent with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, adult education associations and other stakeholders at national level were used in order to achieve their broad commitment and cooperation in EAAL project activities.

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