In the reporting period we organized events related to the implementation of UP in Slovenia. Three consultation meetings were organized in cooperation with three major networks of adult education providers in Slovenia and their members. Other stakeholders were invited as speakers or participants in order to guarantee a cross-sectoral life-wide representation. In addition, the 2018 annual conference was carried out in connection with the traditional happening at the national level, i.e. the Annual Conference on Adult Education.

Results of the previous consultation events were presented and a presentation on the importance of systematic outreach to the low-qualified populations groups was given. An evaluation of the national AE policy and practice with regard to the EAAL project was presented by the speaker of the MESS. Another dimension of this event was the presentation of the National Skills Strategy Action Phase recommendations by OECD and MESS representatives.

On the one hand, analytical work, i.e. mapping of existing national arrangements (political measures and existing projects) in the field of AE was carried out by the core project team and in cooperation with the MESS. On the other hand, the above events served for the identification of examples of good practice related to these measures, mainly ESF-funded projects. Links between these measures and examples, and the UP Recommendation were defined. 

In parallel we informed our stakeholders and other interested groups through SIAE website, e-Bulletin SIAE Newsletter, social networks and EPALE.

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