Does the title Implementation of the European AgendaforAdult Learningappeal to you?

Probably not, because it sounds dry. However, it is only a longer name for a process that has been running vigorously in Slovenia (and other EU member states) for more than ten years. Here at the SIAE, we believe that with the EAAL project, we successfully go beyond established content, highlight events and achievements in ALE and conclude breakthrough alliances with wise stakeholders. As you may know: the Learning Parade – a Day of Learning Communities, many videos of related examples of excellent practices, professional events at the local and national level, at home and abroad, active role in the creation of NEAAL, EAAL forums etc. A video of our ten years of creative work best illustrates everything.

The EAAL forums are treasure troves of wisdom, information and practice

We carried them out for the first time in 2021 with the desire to shed light on the role and future of ALE from the point of view of vital socio-economic challenges and trends. Thus, in cooperation with valuable individuals and institutions, six EAAL forums were prepared: on migration and challenges of multiculturalism, green and digital transformation of society, inclusion and citizenship, ageing society and intergenerational integration and the future of work and skills. We also draw attention to the associated manifestos, which contain recommendations for dealing with individual challenges. The recorded contributions and other materials are still, if not more so, relevant and worthy of your attention. They are available here.

Logotipi vseh 6 forumov

We are shedding light on and choosing paths to skills for life

At the EAAL forums 2021, we may have paid more attention to the political, theoretical and expert levels, although concrete examples were also included. However, we now want to get closer to every person’s actual practice and life. We accordingly designed the application for implementation of the EAAL in 2022-2023 when, among other things, we announced the Forums on Skills for Life.

We held the first one on the topic of green skills for life and learning communities on 18 October. The EPALE Online Discussion, which took place in the second part of the event, was the Slovenian contribution to the EPALE Community Conference 2022 – Imagine. More information about both related events is available in Špela’s article. We once again invite you to the website, which we later enriched with the Story of Coexistence and Abundance – a video with DDr Ana Vovk (in Slovenian), who sparked in our minds and hearts the desire for radical sustainable changes. Not only she but also all the other speakers were convincing and inspiring.

Zelene spretnosti, 18. 10.

The second (or eighth in a row) EAAL Forum was the Forum on Skills for Healthy Life. We held it online on 15 November. You probably agree that strengthening and maintaining psychophysical health is our lifelong right and responsibility. However, we cannot realise them without constantly becoming aware and learning about what is good for us and what is not. Sometimes it is necessary to unlearn something because modern life in all areas distances us from our roots, ancient wisdom and connection from that which is local. So we learned about a holistic view of health and discovered ways to acquire skills that enable us to live a quality life. We listened to experienced, active individuals who shared their experiences, views and results of their work with us. They indicated to us perhaps unknown opportunities and awakened an awareness of the powerful potential of self-healing and healing with each other in communities.

Spretnosti za zdravje, 15. 11.

Only a week later, on 22 November, we held the Forum on Digital Skills for Life. We talked to experts and individuals about the necessity of acquiring digital skills for life and the learning opportunities that enable us to do so. All the speakers were experienced users of technology and shared their experiences with us. Even in digital waters, we can swim upstream or downstream. The first threatens us, at best, pushes us to the edge. The second is only possible with prompt flexibility, raising awareness and learning.

The fourth EAAL Forum on Skills for Cultural Life was held on 6 December. Together with established experts and practitioners, we learned about the importance of cultural heritage and projects that enrich individuals and society with culture in the broadest sense. Amazed by the abundance of existing endeavours in libraries, museums, cinemas, varoius interest groups etc. we decided to even strengthene this lifelong connection between culture in its widest sense and ALE.

As you can experience yourself at individual EAAL forums’ websites, all contributions were truly enthusiastic. Unfortunately, materials are in Slovenian language only.

Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik, MSc (, SIAE